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Permaculture Design Basics
a hands-on approach
May 6 & 7, 2017   9:00AM-5:00PM
from book to shovel


Are you interested in permaculture? Are you concerned about some of the many environmental, social and energy supply issues facing our Earth? Do you want to make a difference?


Permaculture is a holistic and solution-based approach to landscape design and human culture. The harmonious integration of mankind with nature to provide water, food, energy, shelter and community.


Observe Nature, and follow its example.


In this 2 day course you will learn the basics of permaculture with some hands-on practice. Some key points will include:

The ethics and philosophy of permaculture

Getting to the root of world problems, not just symptoms

Sustainability, diet and growing your own food

Understanding the role of each element in nature

Connecting elements in a fully integrated system

The importance of Edge, Biomass, Fast Carbon Pathways, Pioneer Species

Pattern in nature

The permaculture mantra (Water, Access, Structures)

Water catchment and design

Methods of Design including sector and zone analysis, needs and yields, slope and orientation

Design Process: Observation and analysis, vision and concept, placement, succession planning and maintenance.

Soil, the Soil Food Web and Compost

The business of permaculture. What You can do Now.


We have a lot of information to cover in only 16 hours.

(A full Permaculture Design Certification course typically runs 72 hours)


The goal of this course is to give you a clear understanding of the basics then transition that knowledge directly into practice.

From book (theory) to shovel (hands-on practice).

You will have some of the tools to get started.


Tickets $233         +GST/fees         * Lunch is included each day




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